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Van De Yacht Lawn Sprinklers handles a host of services for your convenience. Below are a list of those we tackle the most!

Design and Installation of automatic sprinkler systems into new and existing lawns. Another common misconception is the thought that you need a new house to put in an automatic sprinkler system. Not true! Van De Yacht Lawn Sprinklers specializes in existing lawn installs.

Maintenance and Sprinkler repairs. All good sprinklers must be kept up and sometimes old age catches up with those that have been around for awhile. When you need work done you know who to call!

Spring start-up. Just like changing out your furnance filters and cleaning out your garage, your sprinklers need a little TLC for optimum performance. Van De Yacht will get you up and going.

Winterization. When it's time to buckle down for the frozen tundra of Northeast Wisconsin Van De Yacht Lawn Sprinklers will get in there and get everything ready for a stressfree winter.

Landscape watering. Soaker lines? Hanging baskets? Flower pots? We can cover it all. If you have specialty needs we can especially take care of you.

Bury down spouts. Everybody loves running into those unsightly down spouts. There's nothing quite like the kids knocking them off, the accidental flattening of one by your tractor well no more! We'll bury them, out of sight, out of mind!

Silt fence installation. If you're in need of a silt fence be sure to call us. If not done properly a silt fence can increase erosion. Have the pros roll in and take care of you.

Licensed well pump Installer. Van De Yacht can handle any of your well pump upgrades. Call us and we'll be johhny on the spot (well).

Real Estate inspections. If you need your sprinkler system, wells or water systems inspected professionally for a pending real estate transaction, look no further than Van De Yacht Lawn Sprinklers. We have the expertise on hand to take care of this task.

Driveway and walkway boring. Well, the service says it all. Call us for your needs today!
"We guarantee to design, install and service your lawn sprinkler system as if it were our own."